Ferguson Medical Group was organized in 1959 by Wilson J. Ferguson, MD along with three associate physicians. Over the more than 50 years since its establishment, the group has grown to include more than 40 providers including physicians, mid-level providers, mental health specialists and a speech pathologist that provides services at 7 locations throughout Southeast Missouri.

The Group is a team of physicians, specialists in the private practice of medicine, who have pooled their collective resources to provide quality medical care. Representing the major specialties of medicine, the FMG physicians are able to bring to bear their cumulative training and experience on each patient's medical problem. They have as their goal the highest possible standard of comprehensive medical and surgical care under the same roof for all patients.

Ferguson Medical Group is the only multi-specialty Group between Memphis and St. Louis offering complete laboratory and radiology facilities, pulmonary function laboratory, bone density scanning, and independent pharmacy within the building for the convenience of patients.

Ferguson Medical Group is a premium healthcare facility which combines and utilizes the knowledge, experience and talents of the best professionals with the latest technology to provide state-of-the-art, quality medical care.

  • Ferguson Medical Group organized as an independent medical facility by Wilson J. Ferguson MD and three associate physicians located at 1012 North Main Street in Sikeston.

  • Ferguson Medical Group expands into East Prairie Missouri by purchasing the Weaver Heath Clinic.

  • Ferguson Medical Group becomes one of the largest Rural Health clinics in the nation.

  • Sikeston Imaging Center created to offer state-of-the-art CT, MRI and Digital mammography services in the Sikeston area.

  • FMG opens new clinic in Kennett Missouri.

  • FMG opens new clinic in Dexter Missouri.

  • FMG opens new clinic in Charleston Missouri.

  • FMG expands into New Madrid Missouri.

  • Women's Healthcare of Ferguson Medical Group opens in Cape Girardeau Missouri.

  • Charleston clinic moves to its new location at 112 West Commercial Street.

  • Ferguson Medical Group has grown to become the largest multi-specialty medical facility in the state of Missouri with 7 locations and 35 providers capable of caring for patients in all stages of life.

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